EST. 1914

Townsville Gun Club Inc.

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Townsville Gun Club History

Life Members of the Townsville Gun Club

The Club was formed in 1914 and named "Townsville Sportsman's Club". Its main interest was field shooting. In 1917 the name was changed to "Townsville Gun Club" but that name was not fully adopted until 1920.

The Club was originally situated in what is now the suburb of Pimlico. The premises were subsequently relocated to Thornley Park in the Mt St. John area on the northern side of Blakey's Crossing off Ingham Road and remained there until 1974. The Club's activities then moved to the current grounds adjoining Killymoon Creek. Most of the current grounds were leased from the Lands Department before being purchased and converted to freehold.

Road Reserve areas were subsequently purchased and an easement which now provides access to the Bruce Highway was purchased and registered.

The Club became an Incorporated on 10th June 1988.

The existence of the Club on the current grounds is a consequence of the efforts, foresight and tenacity of Tom Comerford, Frank Leeds and a small group of others who conducted negotiations with the Lands Department and toiled to clear the land and construct much of the existing infrastructure. Tom was appointed a life member in 1984, served 37 years on the committee and 30 years as president.

  • Tom Comerford*
  • Una Comerford 
  • Noel Beale 
  • Dawn Beale 
  • Daphne Leeds 
  • Pio Bonato 
  • Barry Edwards 
  • Noel Benson 
  • Bob Rogers*
  • Roy Lovelady
  • Frank Armstrong*
  • Bob Britton*
  • Frank Leeds*
  • Ken Misken*
  • Olive Misken*
  • Charlie Sinclair*
  • Ted Sinclair*
  • Les Berkfield*

Patron Mr Mark Stoneman AM

Townsville Gun Club Past Presidents 

Records show presidents as follows:

D Somer 1914 - 1917
TW Anderson 1917 - 1924
E Bullimore 1924 - 1929
TW Anderson 1929 - 1930
WJ James 1930 - 1948
WJ Hanran 1948 - 1958
JE Melville 1958 -
K Miskin < 1972 -
TW Comerford 1980 - 2010
PGB Mackey 2010 - 2014
Wayne Read 2014 - 2016
Jeff Dunstone 2016 - 2018
Wayne Benson 2018- Present